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Whetstone Knife Sharpener

by KK Au on November 22, 2021

Whetstone Knife Sharpener

Knifes are just like other household products that need proper care and looking after such as a car or a lawnmower. Every Kitchen needs a knife sharpener, whether you’re a rookie or a pro.

Not sharpening your knife and not taking proper care of it can make it dull. A dull knife doesn’t just make cutting less efficient. It’s also more dangerous because users need to apply additional force when cutting, which could result in slippage and injury. In addition to increased danger, the quality of your food could also suffer as imprecise, and inconsistent cutting leads to more uneven cooking. When cooking at home you need your tools to be well-maintained. This is why you need your knifes are in the best condition.

Having a sharp knife allows you to hone your knife skills, allowing for more precise and fine work. It is also hugely important in terms of safety (case in point: slicing though tomato skin with ease rather than having your knife push against the tension and jump onto your innocent thumb). And having a sharp knife can actually even extend to ergonomic health, avoiding exacerbating carpal tunnel, tendonitis and so forth.



Using Whetstone to sharpen your knives is the best way to achieve the sharpest edge on your knife. This high quality whetstone to help keep your knifes in the best shape possible!


What is Whetstone? Whetstone is a rectangular or round stone with a flat surface that can be used to sharpen knives by grinding them on the surface. Whetstones are actually very versatile and can be used to sharpen other tools such as scissors, garden tools, and chisels. Have you ever wondered why whetstones come with different numbers? That's the grit size. Sharpening stones come with different degrees of abrasiveness which depend on the grit size of the particles the stone is made from. Very abrasive stones are rough and have a lower grit size, while smoother stones are less abrasive and have a higher grit size.

The whetstone is such a popular and timeless tool because it’s by far the most adaptable. The user simply holds the knife at a specific angle based on the type of blade, which means you can use it to sharpen any kind of knife, including knives with a full bolster. Whetstones are also often inexpensive compared to other sharpening tools. Whetstone is simply the best tool to use.

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